Caring for yourself – Jacques


Having some options is important, says Jacques. He needs to find time for himself.


[…] If we focus, I mean, if we are fixated on the story of my daughter or whatever, I couldn’t. If I only had this to think about as we say, but it’s not the case. I must always keep a way out for myself, because this is what helps me. Because up until two years ago, she was going to a camp during the summer. She had a 15-day camp in the summer, and things like that. After, when they… when they decided that it was not the youngest, and all that […] Wow! I said, “That’s it. We are stuck again.” She was doing well in the camp and all, but only because she still has her own temperament. We can’t stop her from having character, right? And even though I put some time aside for… I have to find time for myself if I want to be able to continue. That’s it.

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