Social impact and lifestyle changes – Jacques


Jacques noted that it is important to remain positive and not let the negative thinking impact your social life and your lifestyle.


Negative? What would they be? Well, the negative aspect, it’s obviously that we are forced. That is of course when you have a child like that, sometimes you are not free like you would have been otherwise. But, that is what I find the only negative point. That’s it. I find that it’s… Obviously, it create obligations, and then, if we don’t know how to organize ourselves, well, it will be terrible. It will be terrible because you will be in over your head […] You won’t be able to do anything. But you must know how to take it, then otherwise, it’s certain that it will become a negative aspect with too much. You are caught in the water, you are in up to… But when you were caught with… But when you seriously think about it, and that you have the help you need, it’s not so negative. It’s not negative. You know, I find that it’s constructive.

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