Social impact and lifestyle changes – Lorna A


Lorna has cut back on social activities but she doesn't feel put out about it.


I guess I’ve cut back on a lot of things myself now. And because he’s not driving anymore, he wants to go and do his exercises. The Parkinson’s have an exercise class so I’m not doing my own. I used to go swimming, but because it conflicts, the time is not good. I’d say it’s changed, […] but I get up early now and I walk instead and just try and work around it. But I do, I work one morning a week. I volunteer at our 55+ Centre, the older adult centre, and I really like it. I just love it because I keep my skills up. Different people, 4 hours of just… and it’s a happy place. So I haven’t quit that, but some of my other things I’ve quit. Like through the church and stuff like that, I don’t do that anymore.

Yeah, I used to volunteer for the Magnus Theatre, a little theatre group here. And I enjoyed that, but it’s at night and he’s so tired at night. I was just finding it too stressful to go and leave him. And I’m okay with it because I’ve done it for about 20 some years and it was time for a little change. So, the things that I have quit, I’ve been comfortable with. So it isn’t, I don’t feel put out about it.

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