Challenging emotions and feelings – Madhu


After her husband’s heart attack, Madhu was fearful that something might happen to him.


But slowly you learn it was fear. The first few nights, I could not sleep when he came back home, that it might something happen. So it was a very scary situation. I didn’t know […] what situation is really kind of…what you call…most serious, because you do get some kind of pain and chest pain, but they didn’t do a surgery that time, there was no surgery was done.

He will still today, if he goes somewhere and takes the car and go to do things, if he’s not home for a couple of hours or if he’s taking more time, I have a fear. It still comes to me. I hope everything is okay. And now we have a cell phone, so give him, but if for some reason you have to go somewhere else at least give me a call. So those things were not there in the 80s.

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