Effects of care recipients’ behaviour – Marc


Marc is very touched and inspired by the friend for whom he is caring.


That’s about it, I journeyed for six years. I met my spouse and the years went by with him who is a willful person, who is someone that will not be stopped by his dreams, who will take the necessary measures whatever how long it takes him, someone who is determined. Therefore, if you are asking what I get from this person through the 30 years, it’s someone… I am already emotional. It is someone that is very inspiring, and he has done unique things, and I could easily tell you about few of them.

Like writing a book when you can’t use your hands, get the resources to be able to obtain the equipment and be convinced that he has a message to deliver. Believe in something even if it can be difficult. I think that everybody is dreaming to write a book and I think that many people refrain to embark on such an adventure because there might be obstacles. The big question: Will I be able to find a publisher that will be willing… And for him, it wasn’t part of his questioning. “I have something to say, so go.” It took five years; it took three years of disciplined writing where, with the help of a friend, he succeeded. But all I want to say is that this person is very inspiring for me. It is someone who doesn’t know fear either, for example he parachuted. My hat off to him! I said “Ok”. Personally, my reflex was to protect him, to say “No, don’t embark in this venture! It doesn’t make sense, you have enough physical limitations. What will happen? The plunge, will you have an accident?” But it was the fear for a friend for whom I feel something. Through his hospitalizations, I realized the strength of character that he has.

Now the happiest moments, there would be many to tell you about because I have a lot of happiness with this person. I think that his friends are proud of him. We are proud to be his friend, because we are proud to see him achieve. And he gives a lesson to many people. And his book is one example of this. There were 300 people who came to his book launch and it was something really special. When he parachuted, friends came to see him but it is a little crazy, but may be this is it, it is to believe in our dreams. It can be done. Anything that you have in mind, it can be done if you take the means to do it. That’s… that’s it.

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