Impact on health – Marc


Marc lived through two periods of depression, but feels that now he has found a better equilibrium.


For sure that as far as my health, I’ve had some things. Well, I had to see the chiropractor three times for my back, but three times in three, in 30 years, sorry. And I had two operations for hernias as well—that’s related to handling heavy objects. But again, I relativize, twice in 30 years. But what shook me the most, it’s the last few years where I had to live two depressions and I had to find a path so that I am happy through this. Worrying about him. So, it’s certain that it was the family doctor I went to see. The first reaction was with medication. But at the same time, one has to take steps and take care of oneself. At that moment, well I went for walks with a friend regularly, twice a week. I joined a recreation center to play table tennis. But after three months, I realized, “Good, ok. That’s enough.” But I searched, I searched, I searched because when you have depression you… Well, you’re not happy, you become more silent, you affect your partner, you affect you friend. And you don’t live it alone. Others feel it. Others would really like to help you, but they don’t know what to do. My friend would always tell me, “Go! Go! Go!” Yes, I want to but I don’t have the strength. So, that’s it. I journeyed through it, in the last two years.

And now, it’s crazy, I have a certain serenity or wisdom that I’m also surprised to have. I expected during the winter period, because the first two came during the winter, and also in the context of illness and death in my family, and illness with regards to my friend. Hospitalization too, it’s linked to my sensitivity that’s for sure. So, I lived through that to find, well… for me, I realized that volunteering, it’s volunteering that is my key. So, I volunteer at the recreational centre.

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