Navigating the system – Marc


It can be “hit or miss”; sometimes Marc knocks on the right door, and other times the wrong door.


Every time I knocked on the door, sometimes I knocked on the wrong door. [If} The person can’t help me, she will tell me. As a caregiver, I don’t know what to tell you. Personally, as I told you, I had physical problems, like anyone else. We solve our problems. It is more with the depression that I had to navigate more. My family doctor and a lot by myself, because of course, after many years you know more easily where to knock and whom to ask.
For example, since September we’re meeting with a pivot nurse. I didn’t know what a pivot nurse was. And a pivot nurse is person that has a magic wand. The one that we met, thanks to her, we quickly had medical prescriptions, medical appointments and specialized equipment. I find that it is extremely important to meet someone like this. Knowing that it exists. I never met one before.

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