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You don’t always know where to ask for help. It would be easier if there were one single place to turn for good information, says Marc.


Because I’m sure that there are people who are at a loss with the situation, because it’s all new, who haven’t journeyed as much as my situation of 30 years has made me journey. And knowing that at the CLSC, they can help you with respite, family support, specialized equipment. To know that the rehabilitation centre can help as well. To know that in the hospitals there are specialized healthcare workers who can help you. It’s certain that you go from one place to another, but to have everything centralized in one place as far as resources, that’s something that I could tell you, “Here’s this, that, and the other.” But as a general rule to answer your question, and in the context of this interview, I imagine I’m trying to summarize as well.

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