Trying to find the right balance – Marc


Marc gives a lot of time to care for his friend, but also needs time for himself. He has learned to reconnect with himself during his free moments.


So, there are some that learn just like that. That’s maybe the road I took. I learned like that. And it’s never all done like that. It’s never finished, it’s a journey. So, I’ve reached a point where I have much more serenity. I got up at night. It’s positive what I have in my head! I sing to myself and I fall back asleep. I mean, I have a lot of caring time to give him, and I give it. And it’s not always easy. I need time for myself, but it’s like I learned that each instant you can rest, do it. It’s important. Clear you head. You relax nonetheless, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Just relaxing and clearing your mind. Just commune with yourself. So, what do I do? I find that we succeed in finding happiness through a relationship that can be time consuming, but obviously it depends on the care recipient a lot. In my case, I chose to be a caregiver. I chose that and I will go right to the end. I have the sense of responsibility, of my father. I will continue with the sense of duty. And I have the sensitivity of my mother, I do what… I find that we are in a world where we have to help one another. It’s simple. One has to be open to difference. One has to be tolerant. The example I have, it has to do with physical handicap, but that goes further than that.

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