Effects of care recipients’ behaviour – Matsonia


Certain medication made Matsonia’s husband hypersexual. It is not something people speak about easily, and it took some time to discover the cause.


Incidentally, all three of those drugs, we’ve had a terrible experience with because it gave him hypersexuality. And that’s hard because it, it really hurt me, it hurt our relationship, it hurt our reputations, because with this hypersexuality that he had, it didn’t dawn on us that that’s what was going on until five years ago. So there was probably an eight year span of abuse because I didn’t realize Bromocriptine was making him do the things that he was doing and making him lie to me. And this was very, very damaging. And also, it cost us a lot of money. And it wasn’t until five years ago when we moved into our condo and so we were totally away from our jobs—and because we lived where we worked—and then it finally dawned on me. The doctor had switched him from Bromocriptine to I think it was Comtan or Mirapex—it was so long ago now I can’t remember which one it was next—because they said, “Well, Bromocriptine is a stone age drug now. So now we’re working with Comtan and Mirapex.” And so, actually I think he was even taking both of them. Well good grief, he just practically went off the Richter scale with hypersexuality then. But to me, I was relieved to know that it wasn’t him that was doing it—that these mind altering drugs make you do things. And so, all those hurt years from the past, I was finally able to forgive my husband, forgive myself, and I feel like quite a warrior because I didn’t desert him, that I did hang in there, and none of his behaviour problems were his fault. It wasn’t his fault; it was the drugs’ fault. And I live to tell about it, and I’m so glad we’re here today because I feel that I want the whole world to know how much we suffered, what we went through, because you don’t talk about sex. People just don’t do that. And so, I’m touching on the end, the topic of what these drugs can do to you sexually—and you don’t even know yourself when you’re taking these drugs unless somebody is living with you that knows you well.  And even when they know you well, they don’t realize it’s these drugs that are making you do awkward things. Or you know gambling…

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