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After consulting a pharmacist, Matsonia’s husband was able to adjust his medications. Now, they both sleep better.


Another drug he took for a few years was called Domperidone, and the reason why our neurologist in [a university hospital] put him on Domperidone was, he said, it would help constipation. Well it never really worked. I didn’t realize, I wasn’t told at the time that it’s supposed to help nausea. I didn’t learn that until I started networking more. And then finding out it’s supposed to help nausea. And I said, “Oh, I just thought it was supposed to help the constipation thing,” and I really didn’t think it worked for either.

But the other thing was, now my husband is 76 years old, and he was up several times a night peeing, and of course he’s quite disoriented and I found in the past three years, I’ve had to put a potty chair right beside our bed with a ceiling pole. And I even bought a Murphy bed for me to sleep on because I just wasn’t getting any sleep because he was up and down, up and down all night. And also prone to bladder infection, it would even be worse. And so, […] my poor husband, he’d just be so pooped out not getting any sleep.

Anyway, I thought about things and I thought about things, and I made an appointment with our pharmacist because you can do that.  And I asked her to research Domperidone. Now, the way it was explained to me was Domperidone is supposed to spas your bowel. So, it spases your bowel and moves things along, so that’s why it’s supposed to help constipation. So I thought, “If it spases the bowel, then it must spas the bladder, and maybe that’s why he’s peeing so much.” So sure enough, our pharmacist she says, “Matsonia your hunch was right; it was spasing his bladder.” So, we’ve been getting some really good sleeps not being on Domperidone, and I just think it was just a total waste of money.

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