Health system issues – Mike


Mike would appreciate an information service for caregivers.


And in this province there isn’t a lot of… you can’t go to a book and say, “Okay, here’s a group of caregivers, and here’s a group of medical people who specialize; here’s this and here’s that.” It’s kind of a—maybe because I haven’t been looking—but it seems to be kind of slipshod and there’s really no area that you can go into and say, “Okay, I need help on caregiving. Where can I go?” I know you can call the VON or call the Red Cross, but maybe you don’t need them. Maybe you just need somebody to talk to to help guide you down the road. And where do you go from there? People that are older than us and having that, I feel sorry for them because a lot of them have trouble dealing with the phone and push 1, push 2, and push 3, and going through the codes. You just want to talk to somebody and get it over with, right? So myself, no, I haven’t had a lot of that, a lot of information through other than what I’ve picked up on my own.

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