Effects of care recipients’ behaviour – Rowdyneko


Rowdyneko’s husband wants to keep things as normal as possible. She feels he doesn’t fully accept his situation.


It’s a hard thing, because he wants to keep things sort of as normal as possible. For instance, we’ve got a truck sitting out there. I would sell the truck. I mean, he’s not driving, can’t drive, but he has a fit if I suggest selling the truck because that’s, because he wants to hang onto that as a possibility. We have an RV sitting over here that’s going to deteriorate if it sits there much longer. But again, if I suggest selling it because we’re not going to be using it, you know. So, I mean, so far I’ve just let that stuff go and not pushed it because I guess you have to hang on. It’s funny I mean, because the kids and I are, we’re both totally at accepting of the situation that I don’t think he can—well my son, my youngest son, figures he’s going to die in the next couple of months. And so, we’re, the kids and I, are very realistic about the future. And probably my husband is the least realistic about the future, but maybe that’s normal. But it’s sometimes hard to deal with because we’re almost at a different place than he is, and wanting to move on with certain things that he’s not ready to move on with. And that sometimes causes conflict.

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