Financial impact 2 – Rowdyneko


Rowdyneko is thankful that her husband’s medications are covered by the palliative pharmacare program.


I’m lucky because I have had some personal resource—resources, well like having extended medical. I mean honestly, if we didn’t have extended medical… My husband is now on palliative pharmacare, which I didn’t even know existed until some doctor in the hospital put him on it. So that’s great because now everything, all his medications, are covered regardless, and some over-the-counter medications—that someone who is considered palliative needs—are covered. So that’s fantastic, but you know a lot of people don’t know about that. I have a friend who’s caregiving for her husband, who’s quite a bit older than her, and she didn’t know anything about that. I told her. I said “Get your doctor on that,” because […] I mean, I didn’t know about it until the doctor did it, and we’ve got money for—through our Extendicare—for equipment and nurses if we need it. […] And family assistance plan, because I have availed myself of stress counsellors fairly frequently to give myself some support, but most people don’t have that.

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