Financial impact – Rowdyneko


Without extended medical coverage, Rowdyneko would have been under much more financial pressure.


I mean, an ambulance call costs $80. Again we have had thousands of dollars of ambulance calls in the last 3 years, all of which have been covered by our extended medical. But if we didn’t have extended medical, BC medical doesn’t pay for ambulance calls. We would have been paying for all those. So, I mean, we’ve been, we have been really fortunate that way because if you had to add all that financial pressure on the top of everything else—whew!—that would be a really big one. And now they want, they try and charge you $30/day after when they figure you’re not acute at the hospital. So, anyway… You learn all these things, I tell you. I’ve learnt way more than I ever wanted to know about any of this stuff.

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