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Rowdyneko told other patients about a free door-to-door transportation service to use instead of private ambulances.


You’ve got to be a total advocate, I’ll tell you, to be a caregiver. Mind you, I mean, I’m sort of naturally an advocate. I can’t help myself, but you do need to be. But not everyone is, because I watch some of the especially elderly caregivers and they haven’t a clue what’s going on. Like the other day, I intervened—oh, they love me down there—I intervened [for] this guy next to my husband who was going home.

So they want him to go in [name of company] which is a private ambulance, but they don’t tell him that it’s going to cost him $80 cause he lives up here. And so I say to him while the nurse is telling him this, I say to him while she’s there, “this is going to cost $80,” because she’s not telling him. “Well, this costs $80.”

And so, then there’s an organization called [name organization]—and I don’t know if it’s… I think it’s just on the Island—and they have vans and they drive you for free. They drive people who live in the rural areas into the hospital and back home and to doctors’ and specialists’ appointments, to dialysis, etc., for free. Actually my husband had a card on him because he’s used it when I’ve been working, and we gave this guy the card or gave it to the nurse and I said, “Organize this because he doesn’t have to pay for this.” She wasn’t that amused. But actually, once she phoned [voluntary organization] and found out about it, then she was quite happy because it was another resource she had that she didn’t know about.

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