Society and caregiving – Rowdyneko


Rowdyneko has noticed that younger caregivers often have to stop working. There are not enough resources or support for them.


I don’t see a whole lot of information out there that I recognize as someone who’s younger, still working, that kind of thing. It’s just not out there. It’s not, that’s not seen as ‘maybe there’s not that many people in that role’ but there is; I’ve run into people through doing, being a caregiver, I’ve run into a fair number of people, probably in my age group or younger, who are caregiving spouses. So, I mean, but it doesn’t seem to be high on the radar. And any programs I’ve heard of from the federal government seem to be for older caregivers and family caregiving for older relatives—parents. I don’t see anything else out there. There needs to be something about…there needs to be some support for people who work. I mean, I know people that just leave their jobs; they don’t have a choice. I mean, I have a choice because I work for an employer—well, I’m unionized so, I mean, I have some rights and benefits and stuff that other people don’t have […]. So in many ways, I consider myself fortunate because I’ve got these things a lot of other people don’t have. They just have to abandon their jobs. I mean, I work with a lot of people on disability—persons with disabilities under the provincial government—and, I mean, a lot of those people are in that situation because they’ve had health issues and they didn’t have any other choice. And now they live on $901 a month. I mean, I’m very grateful for what we’ve got. […] I would just think it’s really deplorable there’s no support out there for the people.

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