Uncovering how and why caregivers care – Rowdyneko


Rowdyneko would love it if caregiving were fun, or brought her closer to her husband. Unfortunately, this is not the case for her.


I mean, if I’m brutally honest and I said this to my friend the other day who I can say these things to—and I’m not sure if you want, you’re going to want to put this in your interview—I said “You know, if I’d known 5 years ago what was going happen, I might have walked away from the relationship.” Because it’s, well a) you don’t have a relationship; you have a sick person and someone looking after them. And maybe some other people manage to get around that. I haven’t really figured out how to get around that, because I so dislike the whole care-giving thing. And I think in some ways my husband hasn’t figured out how to get around that either because he knows that I’m not happy doing this. I mean I try and do it; I don’t complain. And somebody said to me the other day “Well you never complain about this,” and I’m going “Well what’s the point, there’s no point in complaining. It’s just what I have to do. I mean, no choices here.” So, not much point in complaining, not going to change anything. But I’m sure my husband would tell you there are times—like I don’t do it willingly; I do it because I have to. And I don’t, I’m not really that happy admitting that. I mean, it’s true but I’d like to be doing it because it’s so much fun, or it brings you closer or…No, I mean, I don’t think that’s true. It’s not true for me anyway.

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