Impact on professional life and career – Shayna


At times, Shayna’s caregiving responsibilities affected her performance at work.


One of the, one of the incidents that happened that made me really realize how much energy is lost and how you need those supports was I had a very important placement conference for a special needs child, and I took a lot of care in what I was going to say, how I was going to present, how I looked because I knew how I presented this case would have a tremendous effect on this child that I was working with and his placement. As luck would have it, the adaptable transit, came to pick up my husband for work. And the guys were always very nice and what happened that day I’m not sure, but as they picked him up on the lift, a fuse blew in the wheelchair, and the driver knocked on the door and told me he was not allowed to deal with it and I had to come out and change the fuse on the wheelchair, which I did and I became full of grease and dirt, had to change, became late to this very important professional interview. I lost my case for this kid and I felt terrible about it. And it just really reminded me how the systems impact on each other. I don’t know what would have happened if the incident with the wheelchair hadn’t happened, or if the driver had dealt with it himself as they always had in the past, and I had showed up on time and been in a different mental state and so on. I often think about it when I think about how an illness is not just for your little house, how it affects others. If you have a job, if you work, it affects—the ripples of it are tremendous.

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