Financial impact – Sheni


Sheni and her husband had always been self-employed. In just a few weeks, they lost all their income.


He was at the rehab centre for close to a year, and by the time he was ready to get out I, well actually let me just step back a bit. He had been unemployed. We were both self-employed and so we didn’t have any kind of benefits to fall back on. So when this happened to him, he went from having income to having—like a fairly decent income—to having no income at all. And then 2 weeks before the second incident, I lost my contract job. So, we went from having a really high family income to having zero income and zero benefits. No long, no long-term disability benefits, no unemployment, nothing to fall back on, and so that was a really, really—another stressor that was added onto all of this.

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