Social impact and lifestyle changes – Sheni


Sheni notices that she has a lot less tolerance for other people’s minor problems and this has affected her friendships.


I have no… tolerance, I guess you would say, for people who have minor problems and whine about them. And that affects my relationships with a lot of people, because they’ll be whining about something that’s like really, really minor. And yes, it’s a problem for them and I understand that, but if I only had those problems I would be jumping for joy. If my kid flunked a course and had to take it—oh, actually my son has, because when he was on chemo he flunked a lot of courses because he was too sick to go, and you don’t get a tuition rebate when it’s half way through the term. So I have accepted the fact that—I don’t care—I’ll gladly pay for more courses. You just take them again. It’s not a problem.

Other people whose kids flunk courses, they’re complaining and whining, “Oh, they flunked a course. They’re never going to be a success in life.” I’m like, “Give it up man. Be thankful your kid’s healthy!” So that has tainted my relationships with a lot of people because of the anger and the fact that I’m constantly reliving a lot of the crap that I’ve been through and people don’t want to hear about it anymore; that’s affected my relationships with people. So from a psychological perspective, it’s had a really negative impact on me.

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