Financial impact – Snoopey


After rent, Snoopey and her mother have only $200/month to live on. She wished they could afford more fruits and vegetables.


Luckily, I live close to pretty much everything so I can just walk, but it is hard. My rent is, for where I live, it’s worth it for the security, but it is very expensive because you have to pay your own hot water and heat, and just my rent alone is $950/month. So at the end of the month after all the bills are paid, we maybe have $200 a month, $200 to live on for a month. And it varies between paydays. Some are 23 days apart; some are over a month, so…

And what sort of resources, if you could paint an ideal picture of resources that you could have at your hands, what would that be? Like about information or help or that kind of thing. What would you want?

More financial aid. That would be a huge help.

For, can you give me an example of things that you would…?

For more food. I mean if I could, […] I try and eat healthy as much as I can, but if we had the money, I wouldn’t be munching on chips and junk food all the time. Because my mom mostly just eats, has a meat portion, potatoes, and some kind of vegetable, and that’s what she eats. And that gets tiring all the time. And I wish I could have more fruits and vegetables, and salad, but we just don’t have the money.

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