Hospitals and facilities – Snoopey


Snoopey has had some negative experiences in the hospital.


There was this one time up at the hospital, my mom was very sick. She came in; the doctor sent her home. A few hours later she came back. The doctor thought she was faking it and just shoved her aside like 6-8 hours until the next person came on. There was another time, maybe a few months later, we went and we were, she was in the 2nd floor and she’d been moved, and there was money in the table tray—the thing that goes over that has a little pocket. There was an important piece of mail I brought up for her. And when I realized she’d moved I said, “Oh no, there’s money. I have to go get it.” There was nothing. The cleaning ladies literally stole $20 and change and chucked our mail in the garbage. And they would not tell me who it was. And I told them, “If you don’t tell me and we don’t get that back, I’m going to call the cops and whoever, you are going to be charged.”  

Did anybody at the hospital help you?

We got our mail back and like $3. That was just ridiculous. Whoever was…you’re supposed to put the change and whatever and the mail in like a zip lock and put someone’s name and it’s supposed to go with them. You don’t steal it.

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