Society and caregiving – Snoopey


Snoopey wishes that people would not be so easy to judge her and her mother.


A lot of people look at me and my mom and they think “Oh, she’s obese because she doesn’t get out much,” and “there’s something wrong with her.” But it’s not her fault. She can’t walk. I mean, she goes like maybe 15 feet to the bathroom and she’s already huffing and puffing when she comes back, and so. 

If they see me on the street and I’m picking up pop tins, it’s not because I want to; it’s because I need the extra cash. I get harassed by teenagers for doing so. Normally, I just wear sweatpants, baggy sweatpants, and my top here, and they say “Oh, you don’t have nice clothing. You should wear nice clothing.” Well, I don’t have the money for that. And what’s the point of going out when you’re just going to the store and wear something nice and it gets dirty or stained. And if you see me on the street, just smile and wave. Don’t harass me, and come after me because I’m pulling a cart behind me.

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