Home care and live-in caregivers – Val


Although Val is very satisfied with the homecare services, last minute cancellations can leave her in a difficult position.


I ended up contacting the Minister of Health, and also [name] who is the Progressive Conservative Leader Member of Parliament for [name village in MB], and also [name] who is the healthcare critic for parliament.

When those e-mails went out that morning—I took all night to write them—and when those e-mails went out that morning, Dave had seven vehicles out in front of the driveway. He had nurses—he had four nurses from Homecare, he had two nurses from palliative care, and he had a homecare attendant all day. From then on, things kind of looked up. They suddenly had people to come and take care of Dave, they had you know several people, three or four different people, caregivers. It was really awesome how you can’t get anything, and then when you actually make some noise, you’ve got it. Dave was amazed. I think I was fairly amazed too. There was a lot of people here that day, and phone calls to see, follow-ups from all of the political people, and it was really an amazing day. And from then on, we got some really quality homecare. But it wasn’t without me actually trying very hard to get it.

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