Impact on Research – Carol


Carol helped revise language in a research survey to ensure that patients would not feel judged in how they answered the questions.


This most recent research survey I was involved with, one of the researchers came to me recently and they just thanked me because I brought up a lot of different issues that generally they’re not thought about, or how to say something better or make a person be relaxed.

We’re a multicultural world now, so they thanked me for my input, and more people are coming back to the clinic, they’re answering… be more comfortable within their own selves. So, having panels such as these, it does help.

Interviewer: It helps in the quality improvement…

It helps in the communication, in the treatment and therapy, it helps with how a person feels about themselves, really, because it’s not just that one person that is afflicted in whatever way, this is the way it is. So you can ease up and become more comfortable. People don’t want to be stigmatized or feel they’re being judged, being judgmental, so these questions have been put together in a way to make people be more relaxed and do the right thing for their health, for themselves, their families, and the public. That’s very important.

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