Challenging Experiences – Nicolas


If researchers feel they have ‘messed up’, Nicolas worries they will be less motivated to engage in further partnerships


You know many people are saying this a window of opportunity, we have to advantage of it because it’s going to — if we mess up this opportunity to get patient in SPOR for now the SPOR unit, that initiative, if we mess it up, then that window will close forever and we’ll continue business as usual. And so there is a tendency to think like that. That, okay well — because it’s hard. It’s not easy. Researchers, I’ve been doing research many years for very often PIs I mean. Principal Investigators. They know each other. Some research they hate and they never work together. Others they love and they work together all the time. They publish together. Sometimes they even go on holidays together. They know each other’s kids. Whatever. Very close. And then to have patients being forced on them, you know, here, you have to deal with patients now. And there’s funding for that as long as you have a patient. Then it becomes — that is dangerous in the sense that it can become well. If it fails, and they have a vested — they can do that. Then, okay, they’ll give up SPOR, they’ll close it and okay they’ll go back to their normal way of doing things.

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