Advice for professionals and society – Anne


Healthcare professionals should talk to caregivers and remind them that they need to take breaks. Anne ended up in the hospital after breaking down due to stress.


And talk to the caretakers about finding time, or help them find time, that they can get away and get a break so they don’t have a breakdown. And the thing is, I realize too because my mother-in-law—oh no, my dad’s second wife, yeah—she had the exact same thing happen to her that happened to me. Because she ended up in the hospital and I asked her what happened and it was exactly the same thing. She just kind of had a stress breakdown because she was looking after my dad who was really sick; she had to keep taking him to the hospital and all this, and I think that happens to people quite often. They get to a point they’ve just had it, and that happens to them. And that caregiver… the professionals should talk to people about that kind of stuff—to watch out, what to watch out for, make sure that they take breaks every once in a while, and also maybe look at the family a bit closer to see that the kids don’t suffer because of all this…that they’re going through too. There’s so many levels to this thing, because I know it’s had an impact on my kids definitely.

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