Providing support – Christiane


One weekend, Christiane had to move her husband in bed. And with her back problem, she wonders what might happen if she had to do it again.


And I took a sleeping pill. During the night, his breathing woke me up because he was still like this. And then, when he is in this situation, me, I am not supposed to lift anything heavy. I have a problem with my spine. So I put my two feet before his feet, I put my hands on his knees, and then I tell him, “Lift you bum”. Then I push him a little. I move forward a little until he is lower than his bum in the bed. Then I take one leg and I put it in the bed. I take the other and I put it in the bed and then I tell him, “Push your bum”. Then I push on his pelvis so he would be in a normal position. Hence, I have done this three times during the same week. Therefore I told myself, “What will happen the next time?” Now he doesn’t know how to get out of bed anymore.

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