Social impact and lifestyle changes – Claire


Claire and Luke are not always able to attend get-togethers with family and friends because their homes are not accessible.


To us, not being able to go? I think, yeah, I think at first it’s a new experience for them too, right? Just like it was for me, it was kind of like, “Oh, okay. This is a problem.” And I think the ones that have accessible homes feel really happy and excited and lucky that they can make it work. But I think, I mean, our other friends who have inaccessible homes, some have expressed regret for sure that they can’t make it happen, but there’s also not a lot they can do. Because if it’s really inaccessible, then there’s no way to make it work, and there’s quite a few friends’ homes that, like, a ramp’s not going to cut it. And so the, it kind of is just, it kind of becomes one of those elephants in the room sometimes where they’ll start talking about an event and invite all the friends at the table, and then there’s kind of this moment where it’s like, “Oh.” And, but they’re not going cancel the event and we’re not going to be able to go. So, it just kind of, it is what it is.

So does it kind of change the social network that you’re in, do you find?

I think, I think we still would likely have the kind of friends that we have. Like, they stay friends because we connect with them in other ways. But what it changes is the shared experience and isolation, right, of them then going on to talk about that event and we don’t participate.

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