Social impact and lifestyle changes – Madhu


Madhu missed the help and moral support that she would have normally received in her culture. In Canada, she feels much more on her own.


So that was part of my culture, I mean, so that’s our duty. My sister-in-law came from USA to help when my mother was in the hospital. I never even thought of that I could go out to get any help for her. I say, “Well, we are supposed to give help.” That’s all I knew, that’s all I knew at that time. But the moral support, I think, I was looking somebody [who] could come and talk, or even if, whether I’m doing a good job or not a good job or anything more has to be done. Somebody else has to tell you sometime. You cannot be your own judge. So that is moral support. “Okay yeah, this is okay. This, maybe she would like. You can do this,” or even little things makes lot of difference. That sometimes I miss because the culture I come from, neighbours come. There are more relatives. You have so many relation your mother’s side, father’s side, cousins, their family. So, they all come and sit with the patient and give you little break or moral support—that was missing here. And that really I felt, I wish I had more family members here.

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